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NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike,E-Bike, 250W, E-MTB, 48V 16Ah 768Wh Battery

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  • The NCM Moscow Plus is an E-bike designed to tackle all conditions. A powerful motor and high capacity battery make it great for commuting to work, long leisure rides, or intense sessions in the great outdoors. Designed with durability, style, and comfort in mind, it’s far more than its classification as an MTB.
  • Great components from top cycling brands guarantee the safety and a smooth ride. A built-in USB port gives you the freedom to have a long day out, ensuring that you never miss anything important because your smart devices ran out of power.
  • These values are minimum and maximum values for the bike to be properly rideable. The bike will be most comfortable near the middle of the range indicated. The minimum value should be treated as the absolute minimum, as anything lower may result in the rider not being able to reach the pedal at the bottom of the crank cycle. 
  • Using inseam length is much more accurate and appropriate for bike sizing than height.   The frame size of a bike is generally governed by the length of the seat tube.