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About Us

About Beebikes | Electric Bike Shop | Electric Bikes In Australia

Beebikes Australia was founded on the idea that we can help Australians transition to the new world of Ebikes in the most cost effective way without comprising quality or service. We do this by partnering with brands who are specifically chosen based on key qualities that ensure our clients get a superior product at the best price possible. We are also primarily an online business without expensive retail costs which helps ensure we keep prices low.

We are passionate about our Ebike products and how it helps better the lives of our clients. Some of our clients get more exercise than ever after getting a Ebike, others are already well versed in the world of Ebikes and are happy we can get them an unbeatable price! We also supple Ebikes to many food delivery riders who require robust Ebikes which can handle the pressures of riding all day.

All our staff, whether from sales, service, accounts or marketing have pride in themselves and our organisation for our commitment to customer service and ensuring we always deliver on our promises. Most of our staff are also passionate Ebike riders themselves, we are proud to go on this journey with them to achieve our company vision.